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My work was inspired in 1992 by Smt. LATA SHRIKHANDE, who is a LIVING EMBODIMENT of this precious healing knowledge, which was revealed by UDAY BHAWALKAR and extensively researched by Dr. H.S. SHANKAR of I.I.T., Mumbai. Later, Dr. SHANKAR guided UDAY for his PHD thesis and he was awarded his Doctorate in philosophy recently. The work of these three pioneers is invaluable and must be taken advantage of immediately. Of course, all of us are just articulating what the spirit of the DEEP BURROWING EARTHWORM is trying so hard to tell us, which is actually DIVINE KNOWLEDGE revealed through these extremely sensitive people.



In the early period of the earth's history, when OXYGEN was a rare commodity, plant and animal life forms were very simple and usually based in water. Their chemical systems were anaerobic. Then, when OXYGEN became available in reasonable quantities, a paradigm shift took place in these CARBON- NITROGEN life forms and some of the simple living life forms transformed their chemical systems into aerobic systems. A great change took place, after the creation of what we recognise to be soil today, and which is simply defined as that which can support complex plant life and thus animal life too, as we know it today.

Soil started being made in quantities only with the appearance of the miracle worker, the DEEP BURROWING EARTHWORM, who had such a tough gizzard that she was able to crush rock particles to the size of 1 micron, thus releasing valuable minerals, which when added to organic matter, inside her gut, helped in synthesizing vitamins, growth hormones and anti-biotics, besides other products which we have not even begun to understand. The basic movers and shakers here were aerobic bacteria, which worked in the perfect environment inside the gut of the earthworm. The desirable' bacteria are very comfortable in the gut of the earthworm and multiply rapidly, and work on the minerals and organics which repeatedly passes through till it is `SOILED'. The chemical conditions inside the gut of the earthworm with its extremely high haemoglobin content, is a marvel, to be appreciated. So, whatever real progress in plant and animal life that we recognise to be organic, in our forests and our farmlands began with the earthworm, about 600 million years ago.

In the forest, 1 cm of topsoil takes about 200 years to `manufacture'. But Mother nature has taught us new tricks, such that today, we have a technical tool, to utilise our organics, produced from city life, into a miracle and extremely valuable bio-fertiliser/topsoil itself with magical properties that can be utilised in city sanitation, city toilets, recycling of sewage, and restoration of saline soils and degraded lands, besides the conversion of chemical farmed land into organic farmed land, without loss in yield. It must be repeated that it is just marvellous to observe that the pH and conditions inside the gut of the earthworm are just right for this miraculous processing.

In the endeavour to produce soil, Mother Nature has scavenger creatures, which act as an elaborate nitrate recovery mechanism, which is essential to the creation of topsoil. Once this is understood, the role of rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, street dogs, crows, ants, vultures, and VIRUS becomes self-evident. Cockroaches multiply inside the sewage chambers in our buildings, due to the lack of oxygen, and they are actually pH correction creatures. And they can be made to almost disappear by just changing the way we understand, handle and treat excreta. The sewage system was designed by a plumber and improved by hydraulic engineers. Today, it needs to be urgently worked out with the input of a microbiologist too. It cannot be left to an engineering department. All these waste handling systems need to be urgently re-engineered. Even mosquitoes pick up organics from water and transfer them to the land by dying near plants.

It has been revealed that there is a comfort zone for each of these creatures in terms of pH and moisture. A VIRUS is a scavenger creature that is inside our body (as a simplistic explanation) Hence, for the first time in human history, we have understood the mechanism of altering these conditions to prevent hurt to ourselves and ensure that the organic nitrogen chemical chains are diverted instead into the creation of SOIL. The same can be done inside our body and VIRUS attacks easily brought under control. Therefore, the importance of controlling conditions in our city environment, which is what the new definition of CITY SANITATION should be instead of poisoning the environment, in the present effort to control undesirable bacterial activity. With this reference, it is possible to explain any VIRAL epidemic in human history and also control and prevent VIRAL epidemics altogether. Any act of CONTROLLING has to be done in harmony with existing natural chemical processes. A simple way to rapidly correct the pH imbalance is to use LIME.

Plants like water hyacinth and even algae grow in water where organics have been introduced, thus locking up the nitrates, which automatically reduce the need for mosquitoes. If these plants are removed from water, the mosquitoes will actually multiply, and bring diseases to us. MALARIA & DENGUE can be very easily understood and even predicted.

Our conventional and contemporary sewage treatment plants only aerate the sewage but do not remove/extract the nitrates and phosphates, and is being poured into our seas and rivers, in a manner that is wrecking the eco-systems, for all time to come. POMFRET and BOMBAY DUCK, which Mumbaikar's took for granted are almost extinct (Studies exist). The way we use our fresh water is appalling, when we have so little of it. (See Chitale Commission report for Mumbai's water use) Never has there been such damage to this planet as in the last 50 years. And the tragedy is that there was no need for this. It was thought that this was `THE PRICE TO PAY' but today, we understand that it was not necessary. By just obeying a few simple rules of Mother Nature, it would have been so easily possible to live in HARMONY, DIGNITY and PROSPERITY.

We warn of a `FAMINE' as it will soon be accepted that food grown with `CHEMICAL FARMING TECHNIQUES' is not suitable for human consumption and that while we are restoring our soils and need the sea for safe food for protein requirement, it will not be available! It must be comprehended that ECO-SYSTEMS are fragile and can be triggered to self-destruct quite easily and we seem to be working to make this happen with a vengeance.

The role of NITRATES has to be understood with relevance to the fact that inorganic nitrogen compounds are toxic to higher animal life, especially to human forms. This can be demonstrated in many ways to understand even without complex studies. For example, dipping half of a MARIE BISCUIT in Potassium Nitrate, will demonstrate how ants nibble and eat just the dipped portion, leaving the rest untouched. Hence, this demonstrates that there are huge gaps in our present understanding of such natural mechanisms.

Hence, for pest control in the city or rather pest harmonising, balances can be so easily restored by altering pH (using LIME for rapid effect) and other mineral bearing rock powders from stone crushing quarries. The way sanitation is carried out has to be reworked keeping in mind NITRATE BALANCE, pH, and moisture. Using pesticides does not work out in the end because pesticides do not know when to stop killing and continues its damage down the plant and animal chain. Eventually, humans bear the brunt as they are on top of the food chain.

Valuable topsoil near cities is being lost due to brick making. Hence, the cultivable farmland is rapidly reducing. The deep burrowing earthworm vermiculture techniques is the only solution to recover from the brink of disaster and start anew.

Some key learning's from this story are:

  • RESPECT NATURAL ECO_SYSTEMS and take them into account in your city planning.
  • RECOVERY OF ORGANICS and its conversion to topsoil IS A MUST.
  • A healthy soil sustains life. Hence, we must sustain soil.

AT present, our Municipal Corporation spends approximately Rs.1.50 per kilo of waste that it collects, transports and disposes in a manner that threatens our environment and us. The strategy of UTILISATION, if encouraged, will plummet this expense and result in incalculable wealth and harmony for life in our rural areas and good health for our urbanites. Life can become a celebration! Is it not worth looking at what the Divine Deep Burrowing Earthworm has to say?


25th October 2002 PRESS NOTE

INDEPENDENCE FROM PLAGUE, DENGUE, LEPTOSPIROSIS AND NOW FALCIPARIUM MALARIA. All this happens as a result of the official policy of allowing GARBAGE to be created, by default, due to a disincentive offered to citizens, who would have otherwise had to process their waste, to the benefit of the environment and public health.

CREDITS TO Dr. H.S.Shankar, I.I.T Powai & Dr. Uday Bhawalkar

All this work was inspired by the Living embodiment of deep burrowing earthworm vermiculture, Shrimati LATA SHRIKHANDE, of Kanchan Gully, Pune and is dedicated to my Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar ( ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION)

EPIDEMICS reflect an ENVIRONMENTAL EMERGENCY. Mother Nature first gives warnings before any epidemic, which have been ignored by us, probably due to a lack of understanding between our own actions and events unfolding before us. Worm vision reveals that it is due to the misplacement of organic matter, which has led to these epidemics. These epidemics are part of MOTHER NATURE'S execution policy, to eliminate the source of the problems namely Human beings who seem to be on such a destructive path which will cause the distortion and end of all life on this planet, as we know it. The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it, because it is simpler, cheaper, effective and logical. For all the problems that we are causing ourselves, MOTHER NATURE is gracious enough to reveal to us the solutions.

The problems caused by 'GARBAGE' can be easily solved by introducing new and technically correct attitudes towards the creation of 'GARBAGE'. 'GARBAGE' is caused by a deliberate mix of NATURAL & MANMADE wasted matter due to force of habit. Our recommended approach is to adopt a new habit where NATURAL WASTED MATTER is NOT MIXED with MANMADE WASTED MATTER. This becomes easily possible once we begin to accept the concept of 'NO MORE WASTE'. Better understanding will lead to new attitudes which will eventually lead to new habits. Hence, to begin with, the words that we use with the problem need to be addressed. Hence, the evolution of the use of terminology of 'GARBAGE' which became 'WET & DRY' GARBAGE, then 'NATURAL' & 'MANMADE' WASTE. That got further converted into 'WASTED NATURAL MATTER' & 'WASTED MANMADE MATTER', implying that the person who performed the act of 'WASTING' was responsible. Finally, after becoming conscious of the subliminal images that words create, the logical and politically correct terms chosen and presently used by us today are 'YOUR NOT USEFUL NATURAL MATTER' & 'YOUR NOT USEFUL MANMADE MATTER', implying that what you may not need would be useful to others, in some form. This dispels negative images associated with words like 'GARBAGE' & 'WASTE'. Also, when you talk of cleaning up, it means that you accept that you or someone else will first dirty. Hence, to 'CLEAN UP' is an 'END OF THE PIPE SOLUTION'. Rather, if we began with the concept that we would not dirty, then would there be any need to clean?. Albert Einstein had said, "CLEVER MEN SOLVE PROBLEMS BUT WISE MEN AVOID THEM".

Mother Nature has very simple & perfect solutions on handling organic matter which is NOT USEFUL ANYMORE. The problems begin with the creation of MANMADE WASTES by modern civilisation. These MANMADE WASTES are getting more and more sophisticated and complicated, and by the fact that we carelessly mix them with organic wastes and dispose them with a NIMBY attitude, (NOT IN MY BACK-YARD attitude), end up polluting the air, land and sea. This attitude extends from the individual to even national levels and internationally where the U.S.A. and GERMANY disposes off its nuclear, plastic, metal and other wastes in African and Asian countries, causing unimaginable environmental pollution. This is happening under the guise of recycling and is attempted to be controlled by the Basel convention which takes effect in 1998.

The latest concern in the West are problems created by even the most superior incinerators with million dollar air pollution control devices. In the attempt to destroy infected medical wastes, medical waste incineration converts a 'BIOLOGICAL PROBLEM' into a set of formidable 'CHEMICAL PROBLEMS'

It generates acid gases.
It liberates toxic metals like lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury from otherwise stable MANMADE products like plastics.
It creates toxic by-products like dioxins and furans from chlorinated plastics which are endocrine disruptors.
Pollution control devices that employ dry scrubbing techniques generate toxic ash while wet scrubbing generates toxic effluents.

Dioxins content in breast milk in European women is as high as 30 to 40 parts per trillion, 17 to 18 parts per trillion in American women and 6 parts per trillion in Indian women according to WHO studies. H.J.Pluim writes in 'THE LANCET', May 23rd 1992, page 1303 that exposure to increased concentrations of dioxins, both intra-uterine and via breast milk, seems to modulate the hypothalmic-pituitary-thyroid regulatory system in new born babies. Dr. Linda S. Birnbaum from the U.S. Environmental protection agency, office of research and development, health effects research laboratory, research triangle park, North Carolina states " (DIOXIN) affects binding proteins. It affects hormones, including thyroid hormone, estrogens, androgens, glucocorticoids, gastrin and insulin. This in turn changes homeostasis in the organism. Dioxin affects growth factors, leading to changes in the proliferation and differentiation of cells in culture.

DIOXINS ARE GROWTH DYSREGULATORS- THE MOST POTENT ONES WE KNOW." The conclusion is that there is no acceptable 'SAFE LIMIT' of dioxin in our bodies..

All this results in subtle changes in enzyme activity indicating liver changes, in levels of circulating reproductive hormones in males, in reduced glucose tolerance, and in cellular changes related to immune function. The adverse impacts on human metabolism, reproductive biology and immune competence is tenfold. (This information is derived from leaked EPA re-assessment draft dated July 5th 1994 from the office of Research & Development, Washington DC 20460)

The question that is arising from these revelations is 'WHY ARE WE ALLOWING MANNERS OF DISPOSAL OF PRODUCTS THAT CREATE SUCH HORRIFIC PROBLEMS ONCE WE HAVE FINISHED WITH THEIR USE?' Hence, we need Ecotechnologies which destroys the pathogens without attempting to destroy the materials on which they are sitting. DEEP BURROWING EARTHWORM ECOTECHNOLOGY has answers to deal with infectious wastes.

We are extremely short sighted in our practices of disposal of organic wastes and can see one bad effect bouncing back on us with the seemingly uncontrollable outbreak of PLAGUE, MALARIA & DENGUE FEVER. Organic wastes can be burnt, with the intent to dispose. This leads to global warming. Also, it is a tragic waste of a potential resource. Then, there are traditional and modern composting techniques. But here too, there is a tremendous loss of organic by-products. Worm vision has demonstrated that there is a 600 million year old process, which can create magical bio fertiliser, and it happens to be coincidentally, the fastest process. Any economist would tell you to choose the fastest, simplest and the cheapest process, which created the highest value product. And this Eco-technology can be even operated by individuals, thus empowering them against enslavement by anybody. Further, the use of this bio fertiliser ensures chemical and pesticide free crops, fruits and vegetables, which gives us good nutrition and is the foundation to good health.

It is absolutely simple to treat organic wastes locally at source by looking at it, as a very valuable resource to make badly needed bio-fertilizer with magical properties. We can show how we can deal with NOT USEFUL ORGANIC MATTER without any foul smell and scavenger creatures like flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, crows, particularly RATS, using the e incredible power of VERMICULTURE ECO-TECHNOLOGY. An individual, a housing society, on a community level and a municipal level, can handle this sustainable system. The rewards are extremely appealing, and also resulting in vegetables and fruits grown in the city itself on balconies, ledges, terraces and other available spaces. Hence, since misplaced organic matter does not end up polluting the environment, the health of the community can be thus maintained at very low cost.

The M.C.G.B. has recently stopped picking up stray dogs for elimination. This was because it was proved that the dog population on the roads was static despite of their collection and destruction. The population of any creature of nature depends on two factors namely FOOD SUPPLY and NATURAL PREDATORS. There was no natural predator for the dog but an artificial one created by the dog squad. However, the population was maintained by the constant supply of food available to the stray dogs namely organic food supplied from overflowing garbage bins. Thus, the only method possible to reduce the number of stray dogs is to reduce the amount of food which is possible if we take a decision NOT TO CREATE GARBAGE and bio-process NOT USEFUL ORGANIC MATTER into bio fertiliser. (Which does not require effort and much expenditure) Similarly, no amount of poisoning and fumigation will make much of a significant dent on the population of scavenger creatures like rats, flies, mosquitoes, crows, pigs and vultures unless the food supply namely acidic food caused by putrefying garbage is dealt with by you in so simple a manner. These are Mother Nature's ways of shock treatment of our shocking handling of our own wastes and instead of vainly fighting the forces of Mother Nature, it is better to understand what exactly is happening and choose to flow with her and solve the problem. There is no need to cause irreversible damage to the Environment, which eventually hurts us.

Citizens insist on mixing NOT USEFUL NATURAL MATTER with NOT USEFUL MANMADE MATTER, thus, forcing the rag pickers to separate and salvage some USEFUL MANMADE MATTER to earn a little money. Please realise that the rag pickers are not a nuisance as generally perceived but are coincidentally Environment friendly and are operating without being paid by the M.C.G.B. or by society.

If people DO NOT TAKE THE TROUBLE TO MIX 'NOT USEFUL NATURAL MATTER' with 'NOT USEFUL MANMADE MATTER', automatically a sustainable industry will blossom and most of the unsoiled 'NOT USEFUL MANMADE WASTES' which is recyclable will be removed without cost by the rag pickers who form the first link in recycling. NOT USEFUL NATURAL MATTER can be easily bio processed, aerobically with the help of simple DEEP BURROWING EARTHWORM VERMICULTURE techniques. Hence, creating Garbage implies that RESOURCES are being wasted and pollution is the result. The sooner we realise this, we will see solutions staring at us in the face.

We have accumulated wisdom of 8 years of our own practical work on various strategies of implementing waste management programs, which work with citizen 's participation. All we did was taking a decision not to break our links with our NOT USEFUL MATTER and teaching the same to others. It was a logical decision and emotionally very satisfying. If decisions are not taken now, posterity will never forgive us for our callousness as it amounts to not taking action when simple solutions exist as offered by indigenous DEEP BURROWING EARTHWORM ECO-TECHNOLOGY. We have also VERMI SOLUTIONS for the treatment of SEWAGE and EXCRETA. We hold seminars and demonstrations on how to implement these programs and offer to train, at cost, concerned citizens, municipal officials and their staff. We can also design specific solutions for specific problems. Please contact us for details.

Training center (opened in 2000 - closed in 2009)

Vag Shantharam Shenai
Amardeep C.H.S.L.,
Plot 60 Mhada Malwani,
Malad West,
Mumbai 400 095

Tel: +91-8454097701

Credits to Smt. Lata Shrikhande (Pune), Dr. H.S.Shankar, Dept of Chemical Engineering, I.I.T. Powai and Dr. Uday Bhawalkar Phd (B.E.R.I.), PUNE.

SPECIAL NOTE: I am indebted to my colleague and fellow trustee of Green Cross Society Foundation, Mumbai, , Mrs. Fatima Vengurlekar for her support in the past few years without which I would not have survived.

My parents late Vag Umanath & Prema Shenai had supported me through thick and thin, for this I am ever grateful!

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