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Chillibreeze Interview with Shantharam Shenai

1. Why we should pay more attention to garbage disposal?

Garbage has been a valuable resource in rural areas, primarily because rural people have been eco-sensitive and have always practiced recycling. The urban community is wasteful and spoilt by the money that comes without much work. Hence they waste their resources. But the laws of nature apply everywhere and this waste of resources produces pollution that has unpleasant signals and results in suffering.


2. Why has this ‘problem’ become an ‘emergency’ now?

Shantharam Shenai demonstrates that
sludge from an eco-toilet is odourless

The signals have got stronger now and new illnesses have emerged that seem to be aimed at eliminating people who do not follow the laws of nature.

3. Can you tell us about the innovative ‘earthworm technology’?

Garbage is designed by nature to go to the soil so that it gets processed by natural forces and feeds the plants. This can support us in a sustainable manner and such soil (not water or air) is a good medium for plant growth.

Earthworm technology has now evolved to Bio Sanitizer (an innovation by Dr. Uday S. Bhawalkar PhD, I.I.T. Bombay) which is a compact, well-evolved eco-tool used to enliven the soil and facilitate recycling of garbage and sewage (ground garbage and 990 times of its volume of wasted drinking water). 10 g of soil BS (VERMI3G) costing Rs 1,000/- can be used to enliven soil for 10 potted plants. Farmers are already closer to nature and hence they can use 10 g of VERMI3G for 1 acre of their field, if mixed with the farmyard manure they have.

Shantharam Shenai gargling with ecologically
healed sewage

Taking it one step further is Water BS. It is called BS7 and costs Rs 10,000/- for a 100 mg packet. It can be used in wells, borewells or water storage tanks by farmers or urban families. It results in us getting eco-water which becomes a resource that heals the soil, food, water, air and human bodies. Our pets also become healthy and signals such as odour, pathogens, pests get reduced automatically.

4. How does the new method of managing garbage actually create soil?

Soil is a medium for plant growth. Garbage becomes a universal medium (good for all the plants) within a few minutes of BS-treatment (either through dry mixing of VERMI3G or spray of eco-water created by use of BS7).

5. Would it be a feasible plan to do a tie-up such that the soil created by the breaking down of organic material was supplied to organic farms?

The transport of garbage or soil created from it is a wasteful process. There is enough scope to green all the terraces that get scorched by hot sun. This will also provide some ecology education to urbanites (who are spoiling the rural people, through their wasteful practices).

6. Could this bring the prices of organic food down a bit?

That will happen when more farmers practice organic farming, when they see organic farming on urban terraces with negligible original soil and without fertilizers or pesticides.

7. How important is publicity to ventures of this nature?

The media has been giving good publicity to such practices and because of this few urbanites have been practicing these methods.

8. How can the common public be convinced that the segregation of garbage into organic waste and non-organic is not a punishment that they should fight against?

It appears to create an extra task for 'busy urbanites' but this notion is created because of term 'segregation'. This is not a physical act, just a mental act similar to how we use the toilet and not any other room for bodily excrements! While natural organic components should go to the soil, all industry-originated items should go (in fact this has been happening both in rural and urban areas) to the respective industries because it makes eco-sense and profit.

All eco-sensible acts generate profit and this is the only sensible way to beat the recession. It is not a war that kills people who do not follow your ideals (that are wrong in the first place). Laws of ecology and economy are similar because both are eco-activities.

Urban life will become more and more hazardous and that will reduce the population of people not following the laws of nature. But if we all practice these laws, our earth can increase her carrying capacity manifold.

Published on: 23rd October 2012







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