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GARBAGE has no solution.
Garbage is created only when residents TAKE THE TROUBLE to mix MAN MADE & NATURAL WASTES DELIBERATELY.
Hence, DON'T take the trouble to create garbage.
If you don’t take this ONE STEP, others can take nine steps for you.
Keep one bin for NATURAL and one cardboard box for MANMADE.
GREEN CROSS SOCIETY can show you how to transform your wastes without burdening the municipality.
Clean MANMADE WASTES must be handed over to rag pickers at your gate.
NATURAL WASTES must be sprayed with biosanitized water and spread under plants and gardens.
This is the ECO-SYSTEM that has to be devised in your society. Volume will reduce by 90% after water loss. The space required per family is 10 square feet surface area.
There will be no smell as the system is aerobic, will not attract flies, crows or dogs. There is absolutely no danger of disease with the eco system giving several warnings given before the process fails. Eventually, the stabilized product  can be utilised in your garden itself.







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